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TEN is the magazine that publishes articles about various activities happening in the area of education & technology. It contains articles from diverse fields.

The main aim of this magazine is to connect & inspire the youth. Various interesting articles with proper explanation & representation resulted in selling of 1200 copies of 1st edition of TEN. The most interesting thing about this magazine is that the people behind it are students. 4 students at the age of 19 started this magazine in December 2014.

Initially it was launched as “The Engineers’ Newspaper(TEN)”. But then they decided to cover all the fields & came with the idea of “TEN-connecting youth“.


1.Kairav Shah
2.Sumeet Patel
3.Priyanka Gandhi
4.Rishi Upadhyaya


TEN members


Kairav Shah: 9833441536
Sumeet Patel: 9769078236
Email: tenkjsce@gmail.com

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