Techitin started off as a startup by some young enthusiastic engineers for the engineers. It is the most happening campus company in the campus as well as off campus.
Techitin was the brainchild of vaibhav rao ,founder of techitin , and as time passed, more members got added and now the team is led by shubham pareek, co-founder of techitin.
Techitin deals with selling of electronic & electrical components usually required for engineering projects. We also have a site which will be functional soon.
The need for techitin was realized when we saw that for every single component, students used to rush to the electronics market(lamington) and ended up buying things at extremely high prices. We, at techitin , have basically placed the whole market in students hands with quality products, you name the product and it will be in your hands.
Well, not only products, we also provide tech consultation for projects as every now and then, students get stuck at a point and sit helplessly .well , those days are over now.
We also conduct workshops ranging from spy electronic gadgets to rc nitro cars & coding, basically, we have something for every branch.
Team techitin has many goals for this year and the team is working really hard to make it happen.



1.Vaibhav Rao(Founder)
2.Shubham Pareek(Co-founder)
3.Harshal Nahane(Co-founder)
5.Siddesh pawar(Co-founder)


Contact details:
Shubham pareek-8691804240
Harshal Nahane-8655775777


Starting year-2015

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