Sensitize to society


Social Initiatives and Enterprises:

Startup for being sustainable needs to be financially rewarding, but we want students to be more sustainability driven and not just purely profit driven.
We believe every startup should be a social enterprise. This philosophy cannot be pushed onto students but we can let them learn through examples, experience and time. We organize several social initiatives and run social enterprise.


Events conducted to fulfill this objective:-



Kartavya is an ongoing social initiative wherein we encourage students to don the educator’s hat and tutor the good folks in the canteen in the basics of computers and Internet which they can implement in their daily lives.

Panel Discussion on Social Entrepreneurship

Panel Discussion on Social Entrepreneurship

The panel discussion was an inspiring session where students interacted with two young entrepreneurs, Jasmeet Thind, Vice President at Make A Difference and Farrhad Acidwala, CEO Rockstah Media who shed light on the various opportunities that social entrepreneurship provides.

Sexual Harassment Awareness Programme

Sexual Harassment Awareness Programme

Sexual Harassment Awareness Programme was conducted by Elsa Marie Dsilva, Ex Vice President, Kingfisher Airlines, to bring to light questions never discussed before.


1. What makes you feel safe? 
2. What makes you feel unsafe? 
3. What precautions you take to keep yourself safe on daily basis?


Apart from above questions; different laws in India and in other countries against harassment were highlighted and brought to the notice of audience. The main objective of this session was to educate people and make them aware of what is considered appropriate and inappropriate. It is also aimed at eradicating the fear in women to stand up for themselves if they find themselves to be victims of sexual harassment.


The event was Organized by: Damini Arora, TE IT.

Project Goonj

A clothes collection drive conducted by a couple of our students, encouraging students to donate old clothes to charity.

Project Smile

The aim of this inspiring project was to teach basic conversational skills in English to the housekeeping staff of KJSCE. Volunteers from all the departments of the college combined their efforts to conduct this event.

Co-ordinated by:-

1.Pranav Jain, BE EXTC

2.Vaibhav Savla, BE EXTC

Volunteers from all departments.

Green Globe

Green Globe is an environment friendly drive which aims at planting trees in the campus and places near KJSCE. The idea is to eventually encourage Urban Farming as an entrepreneurial activity.

Organised by:

1.Prof. Hetal Doshi, Faculty, EXTC

Team Lead:

1.Mukti Karani, TE EXTC

Volunteers from all departments.


This competitive event was organized by ETNow in association with Dupont. It comprised of a seminar conducted by members from ETNow on “The Power of Shunya”. Over the next several weeks, this program celebrated everyday individuals who were unlocking the Power of Shunya to achieve maximum progress with zero negative impact on our society. The seminar helped the students in looking at the normal problems in day-to-day life such as hunger and poverty with a new perspective and inspired them to look for innovative solutions.
The event team collaborated with the members of ETNow and helped them with publicity and event management. The event was a huge success with the participation of about 140 students.

The event was conducted on 30th July,2013


Coordinated by :

1.Soham Shah, BE EXTC

2.Janhavi Kulkarni,TE EXTC

Project Chirag

An initiative undertaken by us in collaboration with students of H.R College and Chirag rural development foundation. The objective is to provide solar lighting to as many rural households as possible.

Clean-Up Drive

Bloombox tied up with ‘Volunteer For a Better India’, An Art Of Living initiative and organized a clean-up drive at Ghatkopar Station.