Ever wanted a particular book to read but the paperback was too costly? Or it was unavailable? R.E.A.D, as the name suggests, is a campus company dealing with renting out books. For those students interested in reading paperback novels and have not been able to purchase it due to various reasons, R.E.A.D provides the perfect solution for you all. They rent out novels to students at nominal rates. Their aim is to spread the magic of holding a book in your hand and losing yourself into the narration.



1.Aishwarya Badgujar
2. Melvita Andrade
3.Unnati Ganatra


 R.E.A.D members



1.Aishwarya Badgujar :- 9757086675
2. Melvita Andrade:- 7738845215
3.Unnati Ganatra:- 7498633153



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