Organize team building activities

Gang rush:
Fun activities for students to learn management and team skills.
Gang Rush

Gang Rush

One of the flagship events of Bloombox, Gang Rush, is a fun-filled event conducted on Gang Day every year, where the various gangs of KJSCE take part in the various games and competitions that have been organized in order to test their teamwork, time management and other skills.

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Somaiya Food festival:
Food stalls are organized by students who are passionate about food art and this is a celebration which we annually conduct.
Masterchef Somaiya 

Masterchef Somaiya 

This event, whose name was inspired by an immensely popular food competition loved across the nation, was conducted to give the students of KJSCE a chance to explore entrepreneurial experiences in the food industry. The students had to prepare delicious dishes and come up with a witty marketing strategy in order to sell the food to the faculty and students of KJSCE. This event took place on 27th February, 2014.

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Organized by:-

1.Prof. Hetal Doshi, Faculty, EXTC

2.Richa Ojha, TE IT

3.Sanket Agrawal, TE IT

4.Abhinav Padalia, TE EXTC

5.Priyal Shrotriya, SE

6.Mukul Thakker, SE