G3-Generations Going Green

G3-Generations Going Green

Have waste paper lying around at home? Need a way to get rid of it and make sure it’s being put to good use? G3- Generations Going Green is the solution for you. This campus company is one of our most successful social ventures which is dedicated to making books and bookmarks from waste papers. All the profits gained from selling their products is donated to those in need. G3 is definitely a campus company with a heart of gold.



1) Alumni Committee order – Made books for an alumni committee event to be gifted to their guests
2) Abhiyantriki 2014 stall- Put up a stall and sold books on the day of the technical festival of KJSCE
3) Krishna Copy Centre order – Completed an order for the photocopy centre of Somaiya Polytechnic. Designed their cover and created books to publicize their shop.
4) Made customised books with printed covers as well as handmade covers for different students of KJSCE throughout the year
5) Displayed our books during the Somaiya Board meeting 2015 in the ARC
6) Symphony 2015 Stall – Sold books as well as new bookmarks and envelopes using waste papers at a stall in the cultural festival of KJSCE
7) Gang Rush Stall – Sold our products at a stall at the Gang Rush event of KJSCE social week
8) Participated in the Campus Company Competition,2015 organized by Bloombox completed the order of snackbar
9)Completed the order of Snackbar


Our effort was approved by our college and an article has been published in the newspaper Mid-Day about G-3.
Current Members:-
Ruchita Bhojane- 9967093551
Divya Raikar- 9819396756
Drishti Trivedi- 9768774007
Sanyogita Parab- 9594509234
Ankita Agarwal- 9619071886
Komal Naik- 9969374612
Sumati Nadar- 8268381918
Divya Adepu- 8879397558


Please check our various products below:-



Email: generationgoinggreen@gmail.com

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