Gang Rush

Gang Rush

One of the flagship events of Bloombox, Gang Rush, is a fun-filled event conducted on Gang Day every year, where the various gangs of KJSCE take part in the various games and competitions that have been organized in order to test their teamwork, time management and other skills.

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Project Goonj

A clothes collection drive conducted by a couple of our students, encouraging students to donate old clothes to charity.

GyaanBox events:

1. Embedded C Workshop:-
The workshop was conducted to give students a thorough overview of Embedded C and its advantages. The workshop was taken by third years from KJSCE and was attended by quite a few students.


Organizers and Instructors:-

  • Jash Mody, TE EXTC

  • Aaditya Damani TE IT

2. Web Development Workshop:-
The aim of this workshop was to impart knowledge regarding web development to the students of KJSCE and help them understand its various applications. The interactive lectures were conducted by third year students.

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Masterchef Somaiya 

Masterchef Somaiya 

This event, whose name was inspired by an immensely popular food competition loved across the nation, was conducted to give the students of KJSCE a chance to explore entrepreneurial experiences in the food industry. The students had to prepare delicious dishes and come up with a witty marketing strategy in order to sell the food to the faculty and students of KJSCE. This event took place on 27th February, 2014.

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Organized by:-

1.Prof. Hetal Doshi, Faculty, EXTC

2.Richa Ojha, TE IT

3.Sanket Agrawal, TE IT

4.Abhinav Padalia, TE EXTC

5.Priyal Shrotriya, SE

6.Mukul Thakker, SE

Project Smile

The aim of this inspiring project was to teach basic conversational skills in English to the housekeeping staff of KJSCE. Volunteers from all the departments of the college combined their efforts to conduct this event.

Co-ordinated by:-

1.Pranav Jain, BE EXTC

2.Vaibhav Savla, BE EXTC

Volunteers from all departments.

Alumni meet


An interactive session where the alumni of KJSCE came together to discuss their business ventures and work profiles with each other. The meet helped in building connections among the alumni that would ultimately help them develop their respective companies or ideas and the meet also resulted in generation of many internship opportunities for the present students at KJSCE. The meet was conducted on 18th January, 2013.

Coordinated by :

1.Aamir Meyaji (BE Mech)

2.Richa Ojha (TE IT)

3.Shatakshi Patil (BE Mech)

4.Tanveer (BE ETRX)

5.Ashmi Chheda (SE Comps)

Speaker session


Ms. Deepti Doshi, founder of HAIYYA (, a Wharton alumnus and a TED fellow, imparted knowledge about exploring leadership qualities within oneself. This was a very interactive session on Social Entrepreneurship and many felt inspired to hone their leadership skills and put them to good use.

The session was conducted on 8th October, 2013.


Organized by:-


1.Pranav Jain, BE EXTC

Mind Map Workshop

This workshop was conducted by Mr. Dharmendra Rai in association with AIESEC on 8th October, 2013. The aim of the workshop was to demonstrate how talent is not just a gift but something than can be inculcated in a person with enough practice and the right tools. One such tool is the Mind Map Tool which is useful for entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike.

Organized by:-

1.Yamini Panchal, TE EXTC

2.Ashmi Chedda,SE COMP

3.Tanveer Khaja, TE ETRX

4.Prakhar Awasthi, TE IT,

5.Vatsal Nagda,SE COMP

Green Globe

Green Globe is an environment friendly drive which aims at planting trees in the campus and places near KJSCE. The idea is to eventually encourage Urban Farming as an entrepreneurial activity.

Organised by:

1.Prof. Hetal Doshi, Faculty, EXTC

Team Lead:

1.Mukti Karani, TE EXTC

Volunteers from all departments.

Abhiyantriki Events

With the technical festival of the college, Bloombox have organised some exciting events  on 1st October.


1.Topsy Turvy:
This is a group event with a maximum of 5 participants. Participants will be given futuristic problems pertaining India such as Traffic etc. As the name suggests, this EXERCISE  will make participants think about how to take the problem from bad to worse!  Break the rules and indulge them with some crazy thinking. After all ‘Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them’.
The main aim is to:
    a) Instill an open, resourceful mindset in the students
    b) Initiate creative thinking and innovative approaches
    c)  Engage in idea generation


2.The Takeover:
Students will participate in groups to auction some of the best companies in the world. They will be given certain points using which they have to bid for companies. Awards will be given keeping in mind a variety of factors. The event promises to be a thriller. The worries, the frowns. the eagerness, the anxieties on participants’ face would be a thing to note.


 3.The Legends Of The Hidden Temple:
There are going to be 5 games, each based on core entrepreneurial value such as teamwork , strategy, spontaneity, creative skills , planning , decision making ability. ’Time’ is the most important factor in these games. The team with the least cumulative time wins the competition. The games will require tremendous enthusiasm of the participants and a “Never Say Die Attitude”. Each and every member of the team will have a balanced role to play.


4.Campaign Mania:

Fun- Filled activity where participants had to pitch their business idea along with a MARKETING strategy.


5.Idea Storm:

Fun- Filled activity where participants had to pitch their business idea along with a MARKETING strategy.


6.Techno Freak

Workshop on basics of Android programming followed by a competition.



The game architect event, organized for our annual tech-fest, Abhiyantriki, was a fun event conducted by Bloombox where participants got to exercise their creativity and make up their own board game! It allowed students to use their imagination and creativity to the maximum level and the results were quite remarkable.

game architect game artictect