Online Marketing Workshop

Conducted by Mr.DevendraNaik, Director of P2S Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. It was an interactive session that provided students with a brief overview of the concepts and the potential of this growing industry. As part of our initiative U-Intern, students were also provided with an opportunity to take up a paid internship at this company during their vacations.

Tech Workshop

The workshop provided hands on fundamental knowledge to students which is imperative while implementing various electronic and technology driven projects.

Management Games

This was a fun activity in which several games were conducted along the lines of the ones conducted in top B schools all over the country, designed to cultivate team work and management skills.

Project Chirag

An initiative undertaken by us in collaboration with students of H.R College and Chirag rural development foundation. The objective is to provide solar lighting to as many rural households as possible.

Clean-Up Drive

Bloombox tied up with ‘Volunteer For a Better India’, An Art Of Living initiative and organized a clean-up drive at Ghatkopar Station.

Interactive Session with Mr. Dheeraj Gupta, Founder CEO of Jumbo King

Interactive Session with Mr. Dheeraj Gupta, Founder CEO of Jumbo King

Dheeraj Gupta, the founder CEO of Jumbo King, discussed with students and faculty about the intricacies of leading a start-up.

Objective achieved: Students were made aware of the fact that with sufficient passion and dedication even an idea as simple as a vada pav can be a million dollar idea. No idea is too simple or small if thought of in the correct way.

Events during Abhiyantriki

Campaign Mania– Fun- Filled activity where participants had to pitch their business idea along with a MARKETING  strategy


Idea Storm– Participants were given various case studies of businesses and were asked to analyze them and generate alternatives and implement solutions


Techno Freak– Workshop on basics of Android programming followed by a competition.

Android Workshop

Mr.HimatBhanushali, Managing Director, Soft-Troid conducted a comprehensive three day workshop on Android application development.

Product Development

Following are tech Products based on renewable energy designed and developed by students.


Solar Charger– Multipurpose solar based portable device that can charge your phone and light a torch etc.


Hovering Wind Turbine-It is a prototype model working on low wind speed and high torque. It is good for both small and large applications like charging your mobile phone, measuring the wind speed, threshing of grains etc.


Under the u-Intern program, students are given the opportunity to intern at start-ups and MNCs thereby providing their academic journey with the right dose of industrial exposure.