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Everyone has an Entrepreneur inside, it takes courage, will power and a bit of craziness to get it out in the wild.


What started off as a dream to bring entrepreneurship into the face of kjsce has now evolved into one of the biggest platforms for supporting, promoting and enhancing entrepreneurship. At BloomBox, we take pride in experimenting with ideas to come up with incredible ways to bring out the “Entrepreneur” inside.
Our Campus Companies are slowly paving their path towards awesomeness. With speakers like Mr. Faisal Farooqui (of the MouthShut.com fame), Mr. Vibhor Tikiya (Author) ,Mr. Dheeraj Gupta (CEO, Jumbo King)  and Dhairya Pujara(Founder & CEO, YCenter) ,we’ve made sure to provide the right amount of inspiration.
With opportunities such as internships, the Product Development Cycle, Workshops, Mentorship Programs and events as wide ranging as Masterchef Somaiya to Startup Expo, all aimed at empowering the dormant entrepreneur in every engineering student in kjsce we’ve redefined Entrepreneurship in the most creative way possible.
Also, our social wing is constantly coming up with ideas from recycling used materials to sponsor grocery to an orphanage to teaching English language to cleaners to help bring smiles on some more faces.

Aspire. Grind. Accomplish.


Have an idea? Have any queries? Feel free to contact us…Do get in touch.

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I have an innovative idea for the automotive field. This is related to the Hill Start Assist of the automotive field. I am not a student. I have made a small working model to the test the feasibility of the project. Whether the Bloombox supports people like me. If so please let me know in the details

    1. Hello!
      Glad to hear about your idea. We have an incubation center – Riidl, where we provide all the help a budding start up requires from mentoring to help in finding funding.

      We request you to suggest suitable day and time when we could set up a meeting for you


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